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Santronics Software releases WIN Server update - v8.0 Build 454.12

Check the Support Site AUP Information page for complete detail with current AUP features, and historical updates.

AUP Subscription Plan

  • The Annual AUP signup is $149.00  
  • Minimum 3 month sign up with monthly billing thereafter is $39.95

How to Join the AUP

  • Run AUTOUPDATE.EXE and sign up online, or
  • Call our office at 800-845-6944

Major Features and Highlights for AutoUpdate

These listings are just highlights, details of changes are available in the AUP section on our support bbs as

  • New 64-bit Wildcat! Server operations!
  • New wcDKIM Mail Signature Support!
  • New, powerful Email Anti-Spam feature for Wildcat! SMTP called WCSAP
    (Wildcat! Sender Authentication Protocol) helps to block spoofing spam
    mail (mail with fake, stolen or bad addresses)!
  • Enhanced WEB server operations, Alias Redirection, HTTP chunking
    support, CGI (server-side scripting) chunking support included!
  • Internet Bandwidth Throttling support for WEB and FTP server.
  • Enhanced Wildcat! Server RPC Startup operations
  • New secured local machine only operations.
  • New WCSDK Software Development Kit update. Download wcSDK60.EXE
    from File Library. Also will be available on CD.
  • New WCBASIC Software Development Kit update. Update provided AUP or CD.
  • More reliable WCX processing for 3rd party developers.
  • New secured WCX remote configuration capabilities for 3rd party developers.
  • Long file name support for the File Database System,
  • Support for multiple DNS servers for SMTP,
  • Improved WEB File and Mail Client,
  • Faster Wildcat! Template (WCT) Technology improves WEB Server!
  • New wcNNTPServer (News) Server for AUP customers!
  • User database improvements and fixes.
  • Improved Server Performance.
  • Added support for networking under Windows 2000.
  • New features and enhancement to Email system, SMTP, POP3 and WCMAIL
  • Faster wcLISTServe operations, including some bug fixes.
  • Improved Wildcat! Server operations, better support for sub-net installations and usage.
  • WEB Server support for MIMES, alternative index files.
  • New configuration sections for SMTP and WEB in wcCONFIG
  • Improved, fixes for wcRADIUS.
  • New wcBASIC commands
  • New wcSDK API functions
  • Added support for NCSA Extended log files with the Wildcat! Web Server
  • Added two new sections to General Settings in Wildcat! Configuration (WcConfig); Idle Timeouts and Web Logging options.
  • Added "Detail Viewing" to WcConfig for better understanding of options.
  • Renamed the "Modem Settings" icon to "Modem (Node) Settings". This will reduce the support calls; "Where is the Node Settings as described in the manual?"
  • The FTP Server will now display a FTPHELLO.BBS before the user name prompt. Just copy the file to your DISP directory. The BBS file has a macro for automatically displaying your BBS system name.
  • Password Protected File Downloads are now supported via FTP and WEB connections. New HTML*.WCC and *.HTM template files were created. Two current files were changed to support this feature.
  • Some Y2K and/or date related issues were addressed.
  • For developers, new functions were added to both wcBASIC and wcSDK.
  • A new utility wcRefresh.wcx was included in this update. wcRefresh.wcx is a wcBASIC coded utility designed for customers who move files in and out of the file directories and need to keep the file database current. It can used on selected files areas or for all files areas. Read the wcrefresh.txt file for usage help. (Note: The source code is included in the wcBASIC Plus Pack)
  • A wcSDK example utility called wcSrvMon.exe is now included in the basic package. This utility was written with  wcSDK (like everything else was). It is a useful utility to monitor all the WIN Server client connections. If you ever came across the situation where you wanted to shut down the wcserver and it warned you that there were remaining connections, you can use wcSrvMon to see who is connected to the server.
  • Many fixes, cosmetic changes done.