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Press release: December 9, 2003

Santronics Software, Inc. introduces WCSAP, a new email caller-id verification anti-spam blocking system with a result rate as high as 94%!

Homestead, FL, December 9, 2003: Continuing its efforts to add more anti-spam capabilities into its flagship product, Wildcat Internet Net Server (WINServer) email system, a small South Florida firm, Santronics Software, Inc., ( is introducing a new sender authentication protocol, called WCSAP.

WCSAP is analogous to a Caller ID verification system. By far, the top problem with spammers is its "spoofing" behavior where spammers do not provide accurate return addresses. Similar to the US Postal Service, the return address on a postal envelope allows the service to return the letter to the sender. Email also have return addresses, however spammers provide fake addresses called spoofed return addresses which prevents the internet email system from returning unwanted or bounced mail.

WCSAP works by making the attempt to verify the existence of a valid return address before allowing the sender to continue to send the mail. If the return address does not exist or cannot be verified, the mail is blocked. If the return address exists, the mail is allowed to continue to the next check the mail system may employ.

According to Hector Santos, CTO of Santronics Software, "WCSAP is blocking spoofing spammers by an average of 90-94% which proves that most spam are from spoofed systems. Part of the problem is that spammers have exploited certain loopholes in the email SMTP technology. While most systems perform minimum checks, verifying the return address is typically not one of them."

WCSAP is not the first system of its kind. Others such as, already implement a return address verification check. However, WCSAP goes a bit further in becoming essentially an SMTP standards compliancy testing software, the first of its kind. "What is unique about WCSAP is that it performs a series of technical conformity checks, including a test for open relay sites. While there are many new anti-spam proposals being researched, WCSAP works today with current standards. The new proposals require change in the industry which is not a guarantee," said Mr. Santos. Verifying the return path is just one part. WCSAP must first be able to connect to the return address mail server in order to verify the return address. If the connection fails or the remote site does not exist, the transaction is blocked. If the remote site accepts a return address, a 2nd check is performed to see if it is an open relay by giving a completely random return address. Mr. Santos adds, "The open relay test has raised some eyebrows especially for YAHOO.COM. YAHOO.COM is the Spammer's Heaven for spoofing addresses. Spammers love YAHOO. The majority of spam use invalid YAHOO.COM addresses because spammers know YAHOO.COM does not validate the return address. As a matter of fact, YAHOO accepts any address, including fake ones.

Santronics is currently completing the WCSAP beta testing cycle among its beta testers processing hundreds of thousands of messages per day. By far, the result has been overwhelmingly successful. Over 90% of the spoofing spammers are now addressed by WCSAP. Those messages that do get passed the verification step are then checked by traditional rule based anti-spam filters.

Santronics Software plans to release the product in early 2004 as part of its normal product upgrades once it has completed further testing and fine tuning by adding new options that comply with the recently signed US CAN-SPAM Bill. Mr. Santos adds, "With CAN-SPAM, Spammers are now legally required to provide valid return addresses. WCSAP will offers Wildcat! customers the ability to verify, track and audit the mail transactions to make sure spammers are in compliance with the technical standards and now the law. WCSAP is CAN-SPAM friendly!"

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