Santronics Software Announces the purchase of Mustang Software’s, Wildcat! BBS Product Line

Homestead, Florida, November 19, 1998 - Santronics Software, Inc., a leading developer of automated mail distribution software today announces the purchase of the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server (WINServer) for Windows 95/NT/98 "Intranet" products, including all add-on modules, Wildcat! DOS and add-on modules, and Offline Xpress from Mustang Software, Inc.

These popular and powerful 32 bit Windows and DOS based online service software products have been in the market for over 12 years with a solid reputation for excellent engineering and reliable design. To date Mustang’s products have accumulated over 50,000 licensed customers worldwide.

"Wildcat! was an outstanding foundation for the creation of a great company," said Jim Harrer, president and chief executive officer of Mustang Software. "Based on the rapid growth of the Internet Message Center as the leading e-mail management solution, the time has come to transition Wildcat! Santronics will provide the support and development necessary to continue the strong Wildcat! tradition for present and future customers worldwide."

Santronics Software is renowned for the quality and support of its flagship product, Platinum Xpress (PX). PX is an popular add-on module to the WINServer system. Santronics is a qualified and knowledgeable developer of WINServer software and the current Wildcat! customer base is more than familiar with Santronics’ excellent reputation.

"We believe in Wildcat! We believe we can take it to the next level and continue to make it a top Internet product. As an organization, we will focus on Wildcat!’s development and provide the support and total commitment the product needs to reach this goal," said Hector Santos, president and R&D Director of Santronics Software.

Effective immediately, Santronics plans a complete review of the WINServer product line and to provide the customer base a renewed commitment to Wildcat! by developing new features into the system and by focusing on customer input for the direction of the product line.

"The Internet is rapidly changing. Everyone has a basic idea of what they want to do but the solutions come in many pieces. Santronics wants to tell the world that WINServer is an ideal solution for the Internet with features unique to the market," said Mr. Santos.

Santronics plans to integrate the company’s current Silver Xpress Offline Mail System with the Offline Xpress for Windows version (OLX/Win). The end result will be a powerful new "all purpose" offline Mail Reader for Windows. Silver Xpress will remain available as a DOS based offline mail reader.

Effective immediately, all sales questions or inquiries about this purchase or Wildcat!, WINServer, etc. should be directed to Andrea Santos, Marketing Director at Santronics, at 305-248-3204 or

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