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Customer Satisfaction!

That's What it's All About!

At Santronics, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products for people who bypass using our 30 day evaluation test drives or shareware products and purchase the product sight unseen.  Some products, such as Platinum Xpress, have a restocking fee because it does cost us money to handle a returned stock.

However, we don't have that problem!

Our product return rate is practically NIL, ZERO, ZILCH!

Why?  because at Santronics, we are trained engineers.  But we are also consumers!  We have to buy tools to make these products and, yes, these tools are expensive and have bugs too!!  So we expect the same high quality support from our vendors as well.   We understand the issues involved in designing complex software.  That is why we put close attention to the testing, quality and support of our products before these products get into your hands.   Not only is the end result better products, but it also helps to reduce the support overload we have with customers, which allows us to pass on the savings to you.

The Santronics Software Product Guarantee

At Santronics, we do not adhere to the philosophy that "Bugs are Ok".   Bugs are not ok!   If you have a problem, we will address it, that is a guarantee!  If you find a bug, it will get fixed!!  If you need a solution, we will try our best to get it to you as soon as possible.   If we find that after we have exhausted all avenues to address a problem you may have, we will even recommend that you return the product!!   Customer Satisfaction.  How simple can it get?!  No ifs, ands or buts!  

Call Santronics Software and we'll be happy to tell you just how great our products are, and how they will enhance your online service. But as a consumer, you want to hear from those who have evaluated and use our products. As you might expect, we've amassed considerable commentary over the years on our products support and quality. Here is but a glimpse of the commentary on the Santronics products:

Silver Xpress Offline Mail System

"Just a short message to let you know you have produced a great product."
John Momy, Quebec, Canada.

"Your reputation for support precedes you."
Tony Summerfelt, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

"Congratulations. You have made a great product."
Francois Heizmann, Brignais, France.

"Xpress is Marvelous."
Kalin Bogatzevski, Sofia, Bulgaria.

"A great product! The best customer support I have ever received after purchasing a product."
Wayne Mendryk, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"Very impressive, efficient mail reader. I would use nothing else."
Jeff Shaver, Hemingford, NE.

"This is the most flexible, well thought out, easy to use, and useful software package on the market."
Scott Howell, Laurel, Maryland.

"It really is a masterpiece, the best program of its type that I've ever seen. I think you have written a piece of software that will stand the Offline mail reader market on its ear. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now just get the word out...The best mail system on the market today!"
A.J. Rawls, Anchorage, AK

"Xpress is a very exciting package and have tried *many* so I am not attempting to flatter when I say there is nothing that comes close to the quality of your program."
Glenn Caleval, Regina, Sask, Canada.

"I put Silver Xpress online last night, GGGEEWEEAAAAWWWWDDDD....Humans should not be allowed this many features! I love it."
Tom Arnold, Gloucester, VA.

"It is the most powerful mail door/reader you can buy---you won't be disappointed, and I highly recommend it. Hector and Andrea and their support sites are the most active, personable software supporters I have ever seen, short of WordPerfect."
Larry Smith, Rockledge, FL.

"Of course, you should try the new Silver Xpress door and reader. Grabbed 'em last night, ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT."
Ben Davis, Manchester, UK.

"Get your hands on Hector Santos's SILVER XPRESS MAIL DOOR V.5.00, that QWK Door is simply Marvelous."
Roland Clairvoyant, Quebec, Canada.

"No other Mail Door offers me or my users the same level of services that the Silver Xpress Door does."
Patty Morris, Shreveport, LA.

"REALLY, as advertised, Silver Xpress is the WORLD'S BEST MAIL DOOR."
Bob Hennessy, Fredonia, NY.

"Santronics is the friendliest and most responsive company I have ever dealt with on anything."
Lyle Taylor, Rapid City, SD.

Jim Fleming, Washington, PA.

"What an INCREDIBLE Mail System!"
Scott White, Chesapeake, VA.

"I must say thanks and congrats on super service. On Monday I mailed my response to your SX Spring Madness offer with my personal check as payment. I must "express" my plesant surprise when on Friday I received my disk and registration. If other SW authors gave this kind of service wouldn't it be great. I've recently received registration 2 weeks after doing an online credit card registration that was supposed to get me my registration crash mailed to me and then only when I complained for a second time. To measure you against others leaves them severly wanting."
Ed Propes, Ravenna, OH

"Just a note to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sending me the PCBoard patch for the SX door. I didn't request it and was surprised as hell when it came in the mail. I feel that if more businesses were as interested & caring... and paid as much attention to their customer's needs as you folks did for me, this country would be in a lot better shape!!! I just want to say that I have no doubt in my mind that if you folks are as attentive and thoughtful of all your customers as you were for me, you will no doubt "live long and prosper" and become (if you're not already) the BEST software company around!!! You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be bragging you guys up to everyone I know!!!"
Karl Rhoads, Denver, CO

Platinum Xpress Frontend Mail Server

"Platinum Xpress is MARVELOUS!"
Roger Mella, Switzerland

"Just wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased I am with Platinum Xpress! It just keeps getting better! Thanks for an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT and for the OUTSTANDING SUPPORT!.....I've been showing Platinum Xpress to other Wildcat! Sysops and they're drooling... it's fabulous."
Howard Blake, Clovis, NM

"This is the way software should be built!"
Gilbert Price, Colorado Springs, CO

"Your program is awesome!"
Tony Albrich, Salem, OR

"The most complete, all-in-one Front End Software yet attempted by anyone EVER. Well done! Santronics, your dedication to what has been a mighty task will be seen by others as an example of what the Sysop not only needs, but will now purchase Wildcat! 4 to experience."
David McNichol, Australia

"If there was ever a new 3rd party package as complete as this, I haven't seen it!"
Ron Woods, WDN HQ, Plymouth, MN

"Santos' program is the software equivalent of the machine gun. It truly is revolutionary and completely changes the way a Wildcat! Sysop does business. If anyone is giving out awards in 1995 for the best software package for Wildcat! Sysops, than this has to be the winner."
Richard Bash, Portland, OR

"I set up and registered PX and WOW!"
Skip MacWilliam, Richlandtown, PA

"Outstanding job!! I had no knowledge of FTSC style mail whatsoever and found your software one of the easiest installations of all time!! I am amazed at the seamless interaction with Wildcat 4.x! Job well done!"
Dave Angell, Claremore, OK

"PX works so well. Great, trouble free stuff...the way it's suppose to be!!!!!"
Gary Richter, Reno, NV

"PX is simply one of the best investments I've ever made into my boards...PERIOD and it has helped me to enjoy my hobby (?) again!"
Greg Major, OK

"This is one hell of a software program."
Harvey McCallum, Essex, UK

"Platinum Xpress looks fantastic and makes all of the other front-door and mail tossers look downright obfuscated and primitive by comparison! The install and setup literally took about 20 minutes and it was up and taking calls!"
Dave Halliday, Seattle, WA, Grey Matter BBS

"I really like the look and feel of PX/WIN, it's one of the best products I've seen in awhile. The features are really impressive, half of them are just so intuitive it's scarey! Thanks for doing such a good job."
Jacques Shake, Santee, CA, Shakey Jake's BBS

"KUDOS to Santronics for one hell of a fine product - PX/WIN!"
Michael Mikelas, Pittsburgh, PA, Wayfarer's Inn

"I have never seen anything like it. I adore the program."
Janet Terry, King Mill, OH

"It was a breeze to install! You have done a terrific job."
Johnny Bowen, Milpitas, CA

"The time spent tinkering with five disparate products from five different authors is worth a lot more than the cost differential between a properly registered kludge and Platinum Xpress."
Decker Doggett, Centerville, OH, Loose Caboose BBS

"Please accept my sincere thanks for a job well done. In short, this
product delivers everything as promised. Which is very rare these days."
Tom Truex, Davie, FL, K_Line Christian Online

"Your support is nothing short of excellent!"
Glen Harvy,

"I have been looking thru all the changes (in the new version of PX/WIN) and I love em! The Sysop Editor is superb! I like header filter, the "Delete (Warning No Prompt)" when ya right click on a message, and the Address Book completed the package! I like the way you add names into the address book too. Oh, and the emoticons feature is pretty neat itself! The user editor seems faster now when it loads. The "global" feature in the Node Manager (in PXConfig) is a great idea too. And how could I forget, I LOVE your new 8k Zmodem feature! I'm sure there's alotta other features that I have missed but I'm sure I'll stumble across em sooner er later!

Bravo on the whole package Hector. Now that I'm able to connect with the OPUS systems (using Zmodem 8K in Wazoo mode) and with all your new stuff. I feel like I did when I had PX/DOS. Happy and Secure! And once again I can take on my hubbing duties knowing that I have a stable system. Wahooo!!"
Peter Raumann, 1:109/400 PX/WIN Hub for Net 109

"I consider you one of the BEST and Honest programmers I have dealt with in a long time and the support is utterly fantastic as far as I'm concerned."
Richard Rasmussen, Omaha, NE

"intelligent" FTP Client (iFTP)

"It looks great!!  Congratulations."
Carlos Gutierrez Fragosa, Hermosillo, Mexico

"Thanks for another great product!"
Mark Wilson, Data Exchange, Fletcher, OK

"I saw your product in the ZDNet Software Library.  I have found it extremely useful in tests so far.  I have achieved more in two days than with several other FTP products over 6 months.  Many of the other programs have a nice screen appearance but they can do very little apart from copy files, and make directories.  Your program enables me to carry out all the tasks I need with proper programming control."
Stephen Fowler, Manchester, UK

"One of the best programs I've ever seen, and that CON mode is quite the feature!
Ed Williams, Colorado Springs, CO

A sampling of iFTP installations worldwide include the National Weather Service, Sun Oil, Warner Music Group, First Plus Financial, Lottery Comm. of W. Australia, Applied Intelligent Systems, Jim Hubbard and Associates, Bailey Interactive, Stanley Mail Media, Switzerland Hotel Assoc., Queron B.V, Bank Depozytowo - Poland, OEM Solutions, Securities Analytics, OPTX Corp, Westwood College of Technology.