Products: Platinum Xpress Santronics Software, Inc.

Look no further! Platinum Xpress is designed specifically for WIN Server and WIN Server Only! Total dedication to the best Internet/Intranet/BBS on the market

The Platinum Xpress Fidonet Frontend System is designed specifically for WINServer. Purring Windows MultiTasking Performance!  Look at what you get: PXW20TD.EXE Download TEST DRIVE!

(For a complete a Nutshell!)

  • Fidonet Mailer to receive and transfer data!
  • Direct support for Wildcat! Navigator
  • Fidonet Mail Tosser and Mail Exporter (Mail Processor)
  • Fidonet File Tosser and Exporter (TIC Processor)
  • File Hatch System (Send Files to other systems)
  • Dynamic AreaFix Manager and Request System
  • Dynamic FileFix Manager Request System
  • Nodelist Compiler
  • Sysop Editor
  • User Editor
  • Manage multiple nodes with one EXE loaded
  • Direct Support for ALL Wildcat! features!