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Platinum Xpress/Windows FAQ

Q. Does Platinum Xpress/Windows support WC! Navigator?

A. Absolutely!! PX will detect WC Navigator callers instantly with no delays.

Q. Can you tell me a little about how you will interact with the multi-port WCONLINE controller?

A. Sure.  As you can imagine because Wildcat! is no longer a SINGLE EXE   application, but one program that controls all the ports, the days are  over where you have old frontend technology spawning a "WILDCAT.EXE".  No, that will not work anymore.  So with MSI's help, we worked out a way  to interface directly into WCONLINE.  We put together a complete   specification to help frontend developers talk directly with WCONLINE.  That includes updating the WCONLINE status line, and telling WCONLINE to  take over a port when a call is made.    With Platinum Xpress, we designed a similar PXONLINE.EXE which is a   multi-port application as well.  Single line customers will only have   one line active.  PXONLINE will read your WC Node configuration and look   for all the nodes that have the FRONTEND check box CHECKED.  You will   see a similar WCONLINE window with each row being one node.   We extended the controller to do alot more, such as pop up an activity  window which shows everything that is going on for that one node.

Another nice feature we added allows you to HANGUP a node in case it got stuck in Wildcat!  Like PX/DOS, PXONLINE will optionally read your Modem Profile to   initialize the modem.

For multiport customers, you will be able to do the same thing you do  with WCONLINE if you want to distribute the ports across different  machines.   However, PXONLINE doesn't need the command line node numbers.  You can use the NETWORK MACHINE NAME as defined in your WC NODE  Configuration.

Unlike PX/DOS, PXONLINE does no data processing, except for file requesting, file transfers, areafix/filefix request manager, and netmail tossing. All the rest is done by PXECHO which is another process waiting to process mail and tics.

Q. What do you recommend in getting ready to switch to Wildcat! 5.0 and  Platinum Xpress from my DOS setup?

A.  It depends alot on your needs.  We designed PX SETUP to be just like   WCSETUP.  You will have a "Start Fresh" or "Convert" option.

If you wait for PX/WIN, use Wildcat! SETUP to convert your entire  Wildcat! 4.0 setup, then use Platinum Xpress Setup to convert your  entire PX/DOS setup, you will be up and running in about 10 minutes or  less!

If you are already running Wildcat! 5.0, you can still convert from PX/DOS but you need to make sure the conference numbers are all the  same.  If not, simply go to PXCONFIG and adjust them, and go to the PXECHO setup and set the last read pointers HIGH for the PX special  user.

Or you can simply use PX SETUP to start a new setup and begin fresh.

Q. Will PX/WIN support Fax?

A.  FAX support is under consideration.

Q. How much Memory is required?

A. You will need at least 8 megs for WC! plus PX together for adequate performance on a 1 line system.  However, you know windows!  The more the better and these days, when you install such things like Internet Explorer and other windows applications,   you will see for yourself how your system will slow down.   So the more memory the better.    We recommend atleast 32 megs for a properly running system. It all depends on how much "other stuff" you will be running.

Q. Do you have a TelNet Site?

A. Not at this time,

Q. What are your plans for FidoNet/Internet Integration, the ability to  do Frontend operations via the Internet.

A. There is alot of excitement on this.  We will be putting in a TelNet/FTP   system in Platinum Xpress in the future, once we get the basic FidoNet  Modem operations all worked out.   Can't say much more about this  because there are some secret projects in the works in relationship to  FidoNet and the Internet.