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Question and Answers

Do people need Internet access to get to my site?

Absolutely not. The WIN Server has extensive dial-up support. Wildcat! has a built-in terminal server and a GUI server. For text based connectivity, all a user needs is a telecommunications program such as Hyperterm, Procomm, Qmodem or any DOS based modem dial-up program. For GUI dial up services, the user can use the freely distributed Wildcat! Navigator Of course, if you’re system is linked to the Internet, your callers can surf Web too!

Do I need to have an Internet connection?

No. With the WIN Server’s dial-up support you can still provide a Web-like online experience for your customers via the freely distributable Wildcat! Navigator software. All you need is a phone line and a modem and you’ve got your own online service.

I already have a web server. Can the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server run with my existing software?

Of course! If you’re looking to add interactivity and a sense of community to your existing Web site, then adding the WIN Server is your obvious choice. Nobody else packs as much value into a single package with messaging, real-time chat, flexible message services, searchable file libraries, and more. Give surfers a reason to come back to your site again and again—add the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server.

What if some of my users can’t run Windows; can they still connect to my Wildcat! Interactive Net Server?

Without a doubt! While we designed the Wildcat! Navigator interface for Windows users, those with other platforms can still access the messaging and file transfer features of your system using their favorite web browser and the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s Active HTML interface.

What about technical support?

Great question! You get FREE unlimited access to our professional technical support engineers via WinServer Online, our home on the ‘Net. Plus, when you purchase a new copy of the WIN Server, we give you 45 days of FREE voice support to help you get started.

Can the WIN Server access resources on my existing Local Area Network?

It sure can! Windows 95 and NT, the operating systems the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server runs on, are extremely easy to connect to existing local area networks like Novell, LANtastic, Banyan Vines and others.

Can I develop my own custom applications for my system?

Sure! Our optional Software Developers Kit (SDK) has everything you need to develop your own custom applications using common software development tools like Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi and others. The SDK is loaded with examples to help you get started, and includes full documentation on all the Wildcat! APIs.

Will the WIN Server make my coffee in the morning?

No, but we’re looking into it... ;-)