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Use wcListServer to create and administer your own Internet e-mail distribution lists and extend your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server community to e-mail users worldwide.

Messaging on the Internet via e-mail and Newsgroups is a very powerful way to communicate, but it does have some drawbacks. E-mail is private one-to-one messaging so it’s not very good at building a community. Newsgroups are wide-open to anyone on the ‘Net, but they also tend to attract a large number of off-topic messages and it can be difficult and time consuming to wade through all the chaff to participate in a focused discussion.

E-mail list servers combine the best aspects of both. E-mail messages addressed to a list server are distributed to the entire list of list subscribers as e-mail, so it’s perfect for building a community of people to discuss a specific topic. They are also ideal for distributing product update and technical support information to a list of your customers. You could even create a list containing all your relatives with e-mail addresses to provide an inexpensive way for family members to communicate with each other.

Now, with wcListServer you have a powerful and inexpensive tool to create and administer your own Internet e-mail distribution lists. Each list resides on your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server as a message conference, so your users can communicate with list subscribers through the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server interface. And list subscribers can communicate with your users and each other without ever having to log into your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server directly.

wcListServer works with the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s built-in SMTP server for those with full-time Internet connections, or via UUCP for system administrators who would rather batch transfer their e-mail and Newsgroups. In SMTP mode, messages are addressed to blocks of 100 list subscribers for best performance and fastest delivery.

Check out what wcListServer can do for you...

Quickly disseminate information via Internet E-mail
With wcListServer, you can instantly reach out and communicate with Internet E-mail users around the world. They don’t even need to log into your system since the messages are delivered right to their mailbox.

Easy administration
System administrators can set up a new list in only a few minutes, and once the list has been configured there is no maintenance required. It literally runs itself!

Inexpensive way to distribute newsletters and information
Save money on printing, postage and handling costs by distributing newsletters and announcements electronically.

Extend your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server community to E-mail users worldwide
E-mail users can now participate in the message forums on your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server. Messages created by your users are instantly distributed to list members around the world, and messages written by list members can be read and replied to by your users through the normal Wildcat! Interactive Net Server messaging interface.

Check out these features:

  • Unlimited Number of Lists
    Create as many different lists as you need for one low price.
  • Unlimited Number of Users per List
    There’s no limit on the number of users on each list.
  • Works With Both SMTP and UUCP Mail
    wcListServer supports both the SMTP and UUCP mail processors built into your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server. In SMTP mode, messages are mailed out in blocks of 100 list members for best performance.
  • Automatically Insert Headers and Footers
    Optionally create a header and/or footer to be attached to each message sent out to list members. Each list may have a unique header and footer.
  • Subscriber List Stored as Text File for Easy Editing
    The list subscriber database is stored in an easy to edit text file. This makes it a breeze to add or remove names from the list in bulk mode.
  • Configurable Welcome Messages
    Create a custom welcome message for each list. In addition, you can create an unlimited number of help files which may be requested automatically through wcListServer.
  • Supports Both Individual Message and Digest Mode
    wcListServer will automatically create list digests based on the number of messages the list administrator configures. For example, you could set it to create a digest for every 10, 20, or 50 messages. List subscribers can select whether they want to receive messages from the list in individual or digest mode through control messages.

Start taking full advantage of your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server and the Internet with wcListServer. Order your copy by calling 800-845-6944 today!