Products : Wildcat DOS 4.x Santronics Software, Inc.

Wildcat! 4 MultiLine 10

Our economical and easily-installed base product requires only a telephone line, a personal computer, and a modem to begin posting messages and routing files around the world. Wildcat! 4 maintains its dominance in the BBS market by giving you greater flexibility and power. Intelligent features include:

  • A .GIF thumbnailer that lets your callers download and preview a sample of multiple .GIF files in one combined bitmapped file;
  • An industry first, spell-checking editor to allow your callers to audit their text before posting their messages;
  • RIPscrip graphics to provide your callers with a graphical user interface (GUI) and allow them to navigate the BBS with their mouse;
  • A free-form menuing system that gives you the ability to create a custom menu structure and command system;
  • Support for over 32,000 message conferences and file areas to give your BBS plenty of room to grow;
  • Sysop-defined language files that allow your callers to select the BBS language interface of their choice;
  • wcDRAW BBS display screen editor that lets you customize the look of your BBS interface;
  • The ability to perform all BBS Sysop functions from remote so you can maintain your data while you're on the road.
  • Support for Serial, DigiBoard, FOSSIL and OS/2 com driver.

This MultiLine package supports up to 10 simultaneous users through your Local Area Network (LAN), multitasking environment, dial-up connections, or any combination of the three. The MultiLine 10 allows concurrent use of database utilities without interrupting your online user activity, and includes a powerful online chat conferencing system, with up to 8 high speed connections on a single 486 or Pentium PC.