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Top Ten Cool Features in Wildcat! 4

  1. GIF Thumbnailer allows users can create thumbnail images of multiple GIF files on the fly! Wildcat! will dynamically create a single GIF image containing thumbnails of the GIF image files a user has marked for download. This gives the user a preview of the image files before spending all the time to download the actual file, and can save them time if the image is not exactly what they wanted.
  2. RIP graphics let users with RIP capable terminal programs can use their mouse to navigate the BBS. RIP stands for Remote Imaging Protocol and it allows sysops to create a Graphic User Interface for their users who have RIP capable terminal programs (ie, QmodemPro for Windows). RIP is also important because it allows the caller to use their mouse to navigate the BBS in a point-and-click fashion.
  3. Spell checker built into the message editor with support for custom dictionaries. Now you no longer need to worry about misspelling problems when answering mail on-line. The spell-checker is integrated with the message editor and all you need to do is select Spell Check at the prompt just before saving the message. The sysop can even add words to a custom dictionary if they are not supported in the 120,000 dictionary supplied with Wildcat! The message editor also has lot's of other cool features like cut and paste, automatic quoting, and more.
  4. File attachments provide an easy way to privately distribute files via E-mail. The easiest and most secure way to make a file available to someone is by attaching it to a private e-mail message. Wildcat! allows the sysop to define which message areas will support attachments and lets the user delete the attached file after they have downloaded it to save disk space.
  5. Free-form menus give the sysop total control over the user interface on the BBS. The sysop can design the menu tree from the ground up using the MakeMenu utility and make it as simple or as complex as they wish. You can even define different menu trees for different security profiles. This gives the sysop the power and flexibility to customize their BBS to meet their specific needs.
  6. Boolean file searches help callers find specific files quickly and efficiently. Wildcat!'s hash search engine indexes every word of the file description, the name of the uploader, the file name and up to 6 other key words to make file searches scream. You no longer need to try 2 or 3 different types of searches (file name, description, etc) to find files on the BBS. And since Wildcat! requires that a file be in one of it's file databases in order to be accessible, the non-BBS related files and information on your computer are secure.
  7. Sysop console scrollback lets the sysop monitor an on-line user's recent history by simply pressing the up-arrow key. All the functionality of a comm program's scroll-back buffer is now built right into Wildcat!'s local console. While a caller is on-line, the sysop can scroll back through the last few screenfuls of information without suspending or affecting the caller's interaction with the BBS at all. In fact, the caller can't even tell that the sysop is at the console scrolling back through their session. This feature make the sysop's job easier in helping out a lost caller or identifying problems in the configuration or setup of their BBS.
  8. Remote sysop capability means the sysop can upgrade users, move files, browse activity logs, etc. from remote. All the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep on the BBS can be handled remotely. The sysop interface to a Wildcat! BBS is just another menu in the system with functions for editing the user and file databases, reading activity logs, managing system events, and many other functions. The only thing you can't do from remote is make system configuration changes in Makewild since it requires the BBS to be shut down.
  9. Non-hierarchical security architecture means you can change one security profile without affecting any other security profiles' access rights. No longer do you need to worry about a hierarchical access level system where changing one level's rights changes the rights of all those above it as well. This allows you to create a system of security profiles which grant access to specific file areas and/or message areas without worrying about giving any other profile access to the same information.
  10. wcCODE applications give you the ultimate flexibility in customizing your BBS. If you don't like the way one of the built-in functions in Wildcat! works you can just re-write it yourself using our wcCODE programming language. And since wcCODE is based on the BASIC programming language syntax it's easy to learn and use. You don't even need to have the wcCODE add-on for Wildcat! to run compiled wcCODE applications. Since Wildcat! 4's release in August of 1994, more than 400 shareware and freeware wcCODE apps have been uploaded to the MSI HQ BBS.