Products : Wildcat DOS 4.x Santronics Software, Inc.

Wildcat! 4 BBS Suite

Only Santronics could revolutionize the industry by producing the first "BBS Suite". The Wildcat! BBS Suite includes our top-of-the-line Wildcat! MultiLine Platinum BBS software with the wcPRO database utility, wcFAX on-demand server, wcGATE Internet/Novell MHS mail gateway, and wcCODE development tool kit to give you the ultimate BBS solution.

Wildcat! BBS Suite processes statistics and creates graphs on Wildcat!'s activities; allows your customers to receive product literature and troubleshooting tips via fax; attaches your message databases to the Internet and MHS-compatible E-Mail products; and gives you all the power to fully customize Wildcat!'s interface and create custom BBS applications, all in one economical yet powerful package. The BBS Suite is the ultimate tool for the professional Sysop -- you!