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wcBASIC & wcBASIC Plus Pack (formerly called wcCODE)

Develop your own custom applications with little or no programming experience.

wcBASIC - Wildcat! BASIC Online Development System

With the wcBASIC Integrated Development Environment you have the ultimate tool to customize the Active HTML and ANSI/ASCII interfaces of your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server. wcBASIC is a structured procedural programming language modeled after the popular and easy-to-learn BASIC language. In fact, the entire Active HTML and ANSI/ASCII caller interfaces for Wildcat! Interactive Net Server were developed in the wcBASIC language. wcBASIC gives you easy access to all the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server user, file and message databases making it ideal for developing custom maintenance applications for your system. And you get more than just a compiler with wcBASIC; you get a full 32-bit Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which includes a powerful programming editor with MDI and a context sensitive help engine with examples of every built-in function and sub-routine. We’ve also included several example applications to help you start programming wcBASIC.

wcBASIC Plus Pack

There is no need to settle for a "default" interface any longer. You could conceivably rewrite the entire ANSI/ASCII interface from scratch using wcBASIC, but why "re-invent the wheel" when the actual wcBASIC source code for the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server is available? Get under the hood and modify any and every aspect of your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server so that it meets your needs exactly. The wcBASIC Plus Pack requires wcBASIC and includes more than 15,000 lines of source code developed by our professional engineering team.

Check out what wcBASIC and the wcBASIC Plus Pack can do for you...

Complete access to Wildcat! Interactive Net Server databases and configuration files
With wcBASIC, you have full access to all of the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s databases and configuration files without having to learn C++ or Delphi. It’s ideal for the non-programmer who wants to create a custom utility or application for their Wildcat! Interactive Net Server.

Create applications that you can sell to other system administrators
wcBASIC is ideal for developing and marketing your own applications for the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server. Applications you develop are compiled for security, and may be sold or distributed royalty-free.

The wcBASIC Plus Pack saves you time
If you have any experience developing software applications, you know how valuable it is to maintain a library of commonly used code. The wcBASIC Plus Pack includes the entire source code for the text and Active HTML interfaces to the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server, so you’ll have a complete library of code you can use to develop your own applications. Plus, if you’re just starting out, there’s no easier way to learn how to program than to have tried and true source code at your fingertips as an example.

Check out these features:

  • Easy-to-Learn and Use
    wcBASIC is ideal for novice programmers and system administrators since it is modeled after the popular and easy-to-learn BASIC language.
  • Compiled for Speed and Security
    Applications developed with wcBASIC are compiled so they operate fast and efficient. And since they are compiled, you can safely distribute your applications without having to give out the source code.
  • Powerful IDE
    The wcBASIC IDE includes user-configurable syntax colors, a powerful search and replace function, and full MDI support so you can have several projects open at the same time.
  • Context-sensitive Help
    The wcBASIC IDE also aids you with extensive, context-sensitive help every step of the way. Syntax errors are automatically highlighted and detailed explanations of errors are just a click away. The help system includes syntax, description and at least one example for every built-in function and sub-routine.
  • Full Printed Documentation
    Also included is a 450+ page printed manual with full documentation for the wcBASIC IDE and all built-in functions and sub-routines.
    NOTE: We are currently out of stock for manuals.  The online help covers all the functions with examples.   The cost has been reduced to $99.00 due to lack of manual.
  • Royalty-free
    Applications developed with wcBASIC can be sold or distributed royalty-free, so it’s an ideal tool for those interested in becoming third-party developers for the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server platform.