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There’s no doubt about it: Wildcat! is your choice for a powerful and flexible Web system. But don’t take our word for it. Read on and see what customers and industry experts are saying about the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server.

Concerning wcNNTPServer and Wildcat! WEB Server... a customer had to say:

"Some ideas I am thinking about a support local news conference for issues. This will give me back my mailbox! The other nice feature is that users who mainly use a pop client now will see the other nice features that's WINS has to offer. Basically your are getting close to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. Wins certainly is faster than both. Not to mention easlier to manage and no viruses will bring it down!"

Richard C Hunter
Virtuosity Online

"I am building an online training course for use on an intranet. The Wildcat! Interactive Net Server comes with most of the features my site needs already built in, so I have saved myself endless hours of programming! Plus, security is very important to us. With the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server, I can host my customer's sensitive data with confidence. I have never seen a Web server product that comes close to matching Wildcat!'s security."

Mike Kramer

"The Wildcat! Interactive Net Server is one of the best all-in-one packages PC Week Labs has seen for companies that want to build a small to medium-size corporate intranet. In addition, Wildcat! Interactive Net Server supports Notes-like message forums, real-time chats and excellent dial-in capabilities. It also can be used to provide easy Internet access to users dialing in to the server. Businesses looking to get a full-featured intranet up and running quickly will find this product a good place to start."


"We’re using the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server as an Intranet and Web server for our school. Students and teachers can log in via workstations on the school network and stay up-to-date on all the latest events and activities. We’re also publishing our school newspaper online to save printing costs. With messaging, file libraries and online chat all built-in to a full-featured Web server, the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server has everything we needed to create a compelling and easy-to-use Intranet—all in one package."

Eric Herbel
Delaware Valley Regional High School
Frenchtown, New Jersey

"Wildcat! Interactive Net Server deftly integrates a handful of servers that individually provide a variety of mail, electronic commerce, and Web hosting services. Santronic's Wildcat! Navigator Custom Connector enables you to give your customers or staff members disks that dial in only to your site. Wildcat! Interactive Net Server deserves high marks for its performance. When testing its dial-up feature, the script logged-on quickly. If you have a direct LAN connection, you will barely have time to blink before it connects."

INFO World

"Wildcat!’s flexibility is boundless. Besides offering clinical support to rural health care professionals, our system is integral to helping us track and control diseases across the entire state of Montana. We’d be lost without it."

Dr. Robert Flaherty, M.D.
Montana Area Health Education Center
Montana State University

"Building a private Intranet doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Wildcat! Interactive Net Server runs on Windows 95 or NT, and includes file libraries, public and private threaded messaging, real-time conferencing, direct dial-up and application sharing. The price is reasonable, too."