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Key Wildcat! Interactive Net Server Features

System Security - Built-in user authentication helps you secure your system by governing access to all aspects of system configuration administration.
Security Profiles - Define exactly which features of the system to which users have access. You can even target the system interface to different groups of users.
File Areas - Create libraries of files for download. Make it easier for your users to find files and documents by giving them full descriptions and organizing them into areas and groups.
Conference Areas - Build your online community by creating public and private message areas to stimulate discussions.
Online Doors - Configure external applications and popular online interactive games for your users.
Languages - Forge a multi-cultural community with the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s built-in support for multiple language interfaces.
File Management - Add large batches of files with full descriptions to your download libraries with the easy-to-use wcFile wizard.
Questionnaires - Gather information from your users via polls and accumulate marketing and demographic data with simple questionnaires.
Virtual Winsock - Let your dial-up users run almost any Winsock-compatible application through the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s virtual Winsock services.
HoTMetaL - We include the award-winning HoTMetaL HTML editor from SoftQuad with every copy of the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server.
Custom Connector - Create a logo-branded custom version of the Wildcat! Navigator to distribute to your customers and prospects.
Event Management - Configure system maintenance events to automatically run in batch mode when the system usage is at its lowest.
CD-ROM - Optimize your system to handle downloadable file libraries on multi-disk CD-ROM changers.